why is comodo one portal down?


We use comodo one ever day! we are a 7 days a week support company but yet comodo one is down today for some reason. no notification for maintenance or messages. How long does maintenance take please?

I have been on this morning (ITSM). There is no planned maintenance as far as I know.

I get the same for c1 portal.


SD Down also ?

planned outage https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/products/17790-c1-portal-hotfix-for-acronis-reachability-issue-10-07-2017

should be up soon.

Hi @dittoit , @monster-it ,

This was a planned maintenance for fixing an issue and increasing stability. As Melih said above we have posted a forum message https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/products/17790-c1-portal-hotfix-for-acronis-reachability-issue-10-07-2017 and also sent a notification to all C1 portals yesterday. If you did not receive the notification please inform us so we can investigate what might be the problem.

You can see the new notifications&announcements on the notifications section of your portals: https://help.comodo.com/topic-289-1-716-11179-Notifications.html

Nevertheless we are sorry for the inconvenience in any case.


Title ;C1 Portal Hotfix for Acronis reachability issue (10/07/2017)

As someone who does not use Acronis I didn’t see this post.

It should have been better advertised and worded to tell us here will be downtime !!


Hi again @monster-it

As you may have already realized Comodo ONE portal uses a SSO mechanism that provides single access to all ITSM,SD, CRM etc modules via C1 portal. This prevents users from having to create and remember credentials for each module separately, on the other hand the downside of this mechanism is that when we make a major deployment on C1 portal all modules also get to maintenance mode. That is why you can not reach ITSM also now.

Our devops team informed us that the major part of the work is completed now. All modules will be up very soon.


Hello @dittoitand @monster-it,

The maintenance mode is off and C1 Portal is now up and running. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you

still down!

Hi @monster-it
We are able to log in to the C1 portal normally here at C1 Support. May we ask from you which specifically is down?

Hello @farhood.basiri,

We thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Comodo is committed to your satisfaction and we, in C1 Support, will work with our product development team to ensure the best possible response. After the team has reviewed your issue, we will pass along any additional updates.

We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process in resolving this case.

@monster-it @farhood.basiri

Our development team had urgently responded in having all C1 components checked upon the report and had resolved the situation please check once more, thank you

Hello everyone mine is down blanc page in the devices page? does someone know everything about this ? . Thank you!

Hi @duarte236 , Unfortunately there is a high load issue on ITSM. https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/products/other-comodo-products/comodo-device-management/18004-itsm-urgent-maintenance

We are working to increase the capacity to fix the issue.