Why ITSM trying to change HOSTS file?

When ITSM module installed - my antivirus shows message “Prevented changing of HOSTS file - ITSMService.exe”.

What ITSMService.exe wants in HOSTS?

Hello @Sergey
The CCC (ITSM client) adds an entry in the hosts file: localhost.cmdm.comodo.net

Below is a screenshot of a HOSTS file from a newly enrolled endpoint. The endpoint is basically a newly setup Windows 7 computer.

itsm - hosts file in test machine.png

Why?? Is this done please ?

I believe it is a loop back name for the agent to communicate with itself to run scripts using a name instead of, bit I could be wrong… Comodo like to comment?

if you ever use Comodo cleaning tools it shows this as a viru has infected the machine when it is just ITSM.

@StrobeTech is on the right track here. Also please do check the following post from last year about Comodo Cleaning Essentials and ITSM.

@dittoit we will get back to you with more information from the product development team about this specific Comodo entry in the HOSTS file.

Hi @Sergey @dittoit and @StrobeTech . It is by design. This record is used by ITSM agent to resolve localhost.cmdm.comodo.com as It doesn’t influence anything except mentioned above resolving. Please let us know if this is helpful. Thank you