Why only limited applications showing in Third Part Apps and lots in Global Inventory


I hope you can help, I am relatively new to patch management and use the tools to help manage a small number of business of computers.

We have approx. 17 devices registered on the platform.

When I view the ‘Third Party Applications’ we do not see many applications, for example zoom, Microsoft Visual Studio.

If we view the Global Inventory then we can see many applications, but these never show up on the ‘Third Party Applications’ area where we can ‘patch’ them.

Looking into third party applications I believe that many on the Global Inventory list are supported.

So the question is:

  1. Why do we not see the global inventory items in the third party applications. Should we have some additional configuration that allows us to see these and patch.
  2. Software application that do exist in the Global Inventory do we need to generate a specific patch strategy. For example we have webex Meetings, I can see we have serval different versions in theory this looks like it should be a third party application.

Thank you for you help in advance.



Perhaps if you have a soe or standard software list it you may be able to simply use a powershell script procedure and install chocolatey to all machines.
Then push out the installers and have the -force or - update switches enabled, then schedule that procedure to run as you want or manually when needed.

Not as integrated as 3rd party patch management, but it just works.


Thanks mcfproservices for the response.

It will be still technical interesting to find out why the third party application list is very short.


I have the same issue, any word on why? I only have Zoom, JRE and a couple other apps show, I use to have all kinds, the list is very sparse now

Agreed. Something is amiss here.
On a business PC running win 10, the only 3rd party app I see is 7-zip.

Strangely, using a 3rd party app, to maintain 3rd party apps kinda defeats the object a bit.
… unless Im missing something, which has happened before :slight_smile:

Hello @SEDPW ,

Global Software Inventory shows all 3rd Party Applications that are installed on your devices. Some of them you can click on the names, some of them you cannot. The clickable applications mean that it is officially supported by ITarian 3rd Party Application/Patch Management. Here is the full list: https://community.itarian.com/help/topic-459-1-1005-14992-EM-Supported-3rd-Party-Applications.html

Moreover, 3rd Party Application Patches section shows only the applications which are supported by ITarian, and which has a newer version than the installed version. That is why the list is shorter than Global Software Inventory List.

Best regards,

So I spoke to Comodo support and after verifying this, here is what has changed from previous releases of the Patch Management tool.

Previously our IT staff would go to the 3rd party patch management tool, and we could see ALL 3rd party apps that were installed (and detected by the patch tool). This way we could see how many devices the 3rd part app was installed, how many were up to date, and how many an update was available.
Today, it will only show those detected third-party apps that are installed on devices that an update is available. IF ALL devices with a detected 3rd part app are current and require no patches, then the app WILL NOT SHOW in this list.
To test this I connected a known workstation with a 3rd party app that was already part of the global inventory, that I knew was out of date. Once the machine was synced and updated the app (7ZIP) showed in the 3rd party patch management list, then showed installed devices 6 upgrade available devices 1. Once the device was upgraded and checked back in and the patch list was refreshed, 7zip disappeared from the list as all devices with the app were current.
The tech who called me said we should always use the Application store or the global software inventory to check for installed devices and how many are installed on.
Personally I would rather see ALL 3rd part software apps in the 3rd part patch tool, as it did before, that way I don’t have to flip between sections. It would greatly improve my workflow.
@ilgazy can you see about asking if that can put that feature back in please, or at least make it an option to show or hide “Up-To-Date apps”?