WIKI: How to add a user in staff panel?

The “User Directory” under the “Users” tab lists all the Guests and registered users. The Staff members can add, edit and update the user details in the user directory. The users added here will be listed as guests.Alternatively, a non-registered user can be added as a guest user by raising a ticket in the web portal.

To add a user via User Directory follow below steps,

Step [1]: Go to Users tab.

Step [2]: The guest and registered users list will be displayed.

Step [3]: The User can be added in two methods in service desk.



Add User Manually:

Step [1]: Click the “Add User” Link.

Step [2]: The Lookup or create a user screen will appear.Fill the form,

         1.Enter the Email Address of the user.

2.Give the Full name of the user.

3.Phone number and its extension.

  1. Click Create button.

Add User by Import option.

The user import option provides two different ways to add the user

  • Copy and Paste
  • Upload
1.Copy and Paste

Step [1]: Click Import button at the top.

Step [2]: Click on Copy and Paste tab.

Step [3]: Enter the name and the mail address and click import.The user will be added to the list.

Note: Several entries of users can be given in subsequent lines.

Step [4]: The user will be added to the list.

2. Upload

Step [1]: Click Import button at the top

Step [2]: Go to Upload tab.

Step [3]: Click the browse button to add the csv format file from your computer.Navigate to the folder where the file is present, select the file and click import button.

Step [4]: The user will be added to the list.

Step [5]: The staff member can register a user

i)Click a guest user from the User directory list.

ii)Click register icon and register dialog box appears.Fill the form and click " Create Account".

Note: If the “Send account activation email” is selected an activation mail will send to the user.

Step [6]: The Activation of the user can be done in two ways,

  • Through a mail - When the user clicks the link send to their mail, the account will be activated and status will be changed to active.
  • Through Staff Panel - Follow the below steps to activate a user through a staff panel
    • Select a user from the list, Click Manage account and Go to Manage access tab.
    • Give a new password and set the account restrictions by selecting the required checkboxes of the Account flags.
    • Share the password with the user.Thus the user can access his account.