WIKI: How to check all unrecognized files from a device ?

Step[1]: Go to ITSM → Devices and click Device List menu.

Step[2]: Choose a device from the list , for which you should see the unrecognized files list.

Step[3]: Click the File list . Go to unrecognized tab.

Step[4]: The unrecognized files that are available in a device are listed here.

Step[5]: Select the file name to view the detailed information of the file.

Step[6]: The files can even be moved to other categories like Malicious and Trusted.

  • Select the Unrecognized files by marking checkbox of the table
  • Click Move To Malicious icon to move the file to 'Unrecognized' category
  • Click Move to Trusted icon to move the file to 'Trusted' category