WIKI: How to check unified notifications in C1 portal ?

System or User Notifications are received through C1 Portal which covers for all Licensed Applications and News or Announcements from Comodo. All type of notifications are received here such as Error, Information, Warning and Success. Some additional useful options are available that helps user to find the notifications easily using filters, searches and sorting on the appropriate page.

Step[1]: Log into C1 Portal and Click Notification icon

Step[2]: Check whether the two tabs are there. Such as News and Notifications

  • News - which is a Default Tab and it has only the product updates or general announcements
  • Notifications - which has all kind of notification such as Information, Success, Warning and Error for Service Desk, Patch Management, ITSM and All Licensed Applications and especially the messages are unified and centralized from Comodo ONE Portal

Step[3]: Click right side arrow icon to display message content

From the News tab

From the Notifications tab

Step[4]: Read the message content then click down side arrow if you would like to hide the message content

From the News tab

From the Notifications tab

Step[5]: Options

When the message title in “Bold Letter”, Users have to read the message otherwise user had read the message

Search the news if you have lot of announcements in the table

Search Option at News Tab

Search Option at Notification Tab

Use the link where in Subject column to check the appropriate application page for the relevant notification - which is available only for Notifications tab

Click the link from Subject column

Check the message that where it was generated from by the link and connected pages - screenshots are given below

User can sort the order of the notifications based on every column of the table which helps the users to find notification easily

User also can filter the Notifications using the form appears after clicking Filter Icon

Fill the form and click apply button - any field of the form can be applied

You can filter the notifications for specific applications or all applications

Check the result once you have applied the filter,


Licensed Applications: All

Type: Error

Received From: System