WIKI: How to configure MSP Email settings?

MSP Admin should have to configure Email settings for Service Desk Logs, Alerts, Incoming and Outgoing Email Communications with the concern Users or Staffs to the Customer of the relevant ticket.

Step [1]: Go to Service Desk and Click ‘Admin Panel’ (Available only for Administrators) link

Step [2]: Select “Emails” tab from under “Settings” tab menu

Fill the form “Email Settings and Options”

Step [3]: Click on drop-down of “Default Template Set” to get the list of email template names and select the preferred one from the list. Example, Default Email Templates (HTML)

In case, you won’t like to use existing templates then please follow the link from the corresponding pop-up help screen to create a new template.

Step [4]: Click on drop-down of “Default System Email” to get the list of email address (loading from ‘manage email addresses’) and select the preferred email id from the list to send email from the same email id. Example,

In case, you would not like to use the existing email address then please update your valid email id in ‘manage email addresses’ table using the help link.

Step [5]: Keep the drop-down value as “Use Default System Email (above)” on “Default Alert Email” field if you prefer system email address as alert email address otherwise please select another email id from the drop-down. If not exist, update your valid email address in ‘manage email addresses’ table (refer the help icon).

Step [6]: Keep the email id exist in the field “Admin’s Email Address” if you prefer to use the registered email address with the administrator account. You may change the email address if you won’t like to prefer.

Step [7]: If you would like to allow IMAP/POP polling for configured and enabled Mail Boxes then check the “Enable” checkbox of “Email Fetching Enable” field.

Please follow the steps below to ensure that you have given valid information for incoming server settings of the email id which you have given for ‘Default Alert Email’ field

  • Select the 'Emails' menu from the 'Emails' tab
  • Select the email address that you have given for 'Default Alert Email' field from the page 'Email Settings and Options' (refer the image of the previous step - Step [6]).

** Ensure the information from the section ‘Fetching Email via IMAP or POP’ are valid and given.

Step [8]: Enable “Strip Quoted Reply” If want to remove preceding correspondence between email communications.

Step [9]: Enter the token into “Reply Separator Tag” text box indicating to the user to reply above the line

Step [10]: Choose “Emailed Tickets Priority” whether you would like the priority or importance of the user’ mails. This setting can be overridden by a Ticket Filter.

Step [11]: If “Accept email from unknown Users” is enabled from “Accept All Emails” then the protocol allows all emails

Step [12]: “Accept Email Collaborators”, If “Automatically add collaborators from email fields” is enabled then adds email participants included in the To and CC fields as ticket collaborators.

Step [13]: Default MTA - Default MTA takes care of email delivery process for outgoing emails without SMTP setting

Step [14]: Click Save Changes button

Click ‘Reset Changes’ button if you want to reset the form “Email Settings and Options”

Check you are notified by the system message with green color background span