WIKI: How to create an automated alert ticket in Service desk using 'Monitoring' ?


Alert settings must be enabled to create service desk ticket and monitoring conditions should use this alert.

Step [1]. Go to configuration templates> Alerts > Click Alert

Step [2]. Verify ‘Alert settings’ tab and click ‘Edit’ button .

Step [3]. Enable settings named as “Create alert tickets on the Service Desk” using check box and click ‘Save’ button.

Note: Please consider below additional options to enable

  • Append to an original ticket if there is an open ticket for performance monitoring conditions -Determines whether a new ticket should be raised for an issue even if a ticket is open for the same issue in Service Desk.
  • Automatically close the ticket if the metrics go below the threshold -Determines whether the open tickets for an issue should be closed automatically if the monitoring parameter goes below the set threshold.

Step [4]. To apply alerts, go to section Configuration Templates>Profiles . Click profile applied to your devices.

step [5]. Click ‘Monitoring’ tab . Click ‘Monitoring’ Name where conditions to trigger alert is configured.

Step [6]. Click Edit button to change general settings.

Step [7]. Click 'User Alert settings ’ and select alert configured in step [3].

Step [8]. Click ‘save’ to apply your changes.