WIKI: How to create and allow/block network zones of the firewall on windows profile?


Network Zones - Allows setting network zones to be allowed or blocked by the firewall


Step [2]: Click Create icon and Choose the Create Windows Profile from the drop down menu

Step [3]: Enter the Name, Description of the profile and Click the Create button

Step [4]: Click Add Profile Section and Choose Firewall from the drop down


Step [5]: Click the Confirm button


There are some necessary settings to be completed to continue further on advanced firewall profile such as

Step [6]: Select the Network Zones tab


Enable automatic detection of private networks - If enabled, private networks are automatically detected

Do NOT show popup alerts - If enabled, the popup relevant to ‘Location treatment’ will be disabled

Location treatment


  • Work - Network for Work location
  • Home - Network for Home
  • Public - Public Network



Step [7]: You can add network zones in allowed list or blocked list to get perform the relevant operation automatically based on your list

  • Network Zones - Space to add allowed network zones
  • Blocked Zones - Space to add blocked network zones
Network Zones

Click Add button - to add one more zone in the allowed list

Name - Enter the name of Zone

Public Network - Enable if the network is public network

Click Add button - to add the address


Exclude - Allows avoiding the devices from the rule

Type - Address type for the device you would like to allow into the Network Zone

Select the type of the Address and Enter the required values once you have selected. Example, Select Host Name and Enter the value ‘A0040’ for Host field.

Check you have added the Address into the table and Click the OK button to submit the Address. Example, ‘A0040’ is available on the table

Check you have added the Zone into the Network Zone table and Click Save button. Example, Airport

Blocked Zones

Select Blocked Zones tab

There are two options to add new Zone to be blocked

  • Add - Allows adding a new zone
  • Add from Network Zone - Allows adding a network zone (takes from Network Zone table)

If you would like to add new address to the network then Click Add button

If you would like to add address from ‘network zone’ to the network then click the button Add from Network Zone

Select the desired network zone

Click Add button

Check whether you have the Zone on the table and Click Save button to submit the update. Example, Loop back Zone

Step [8]: Click Profiles menu and check whether the profile has been added to the table.