WIKI: How to create FAQ category ?

Service Desk FAQs are managed under categories. Please follow below steps to create new category,

Step[1].Click ‘Categories’ tab .Existing categories are listed here.

Step[2].Click ‘Add New Category’ button in the top. ‘Add New Category’ windows appears now.

Select options and fill details as below,

  • Category Type - Choose any of the below options,
    • Public - if selected, category can be accessed at end user web portal.
    • Private- if selected, category cannot be accessed at end user web portal .
  • Visible for role -Choose any of the below options ,
    • All- Select 'All' makes Category visible for all Service Desk Staff panel users.
    • Only Selected - Select 'Only Selected' makes category visible for Staff panel users who are under selected roles . You need specify roles for the access.
  • Category name - Enter name for the new category.
  • Category Description - Describe about new category here.
  • Internal Notes - You can enter important notes related to the new category in the 'Internal Notes' box.
  • Click 'Add' in bottom to apply changes