WIKI: How to install additional COMODO packages?

Step [1]: Go to ITSM> ‘Devices’> ‘Device List’ . You would be able to see all enrolled devices in ITSM.

Step [2]: Click ‘Device’ for which additional packages going to be installed.

Step [3] To open install dialog box follow below steps,

  • Click 'Install MSI/Packages'
  • Choose 'Additional Comodo Packages' from drop down menu.

Step [4]: Select options as described below,

  • Install Comodo Client - Security - Select check box associated with this option to install 'Comodo Client - Security' in the device.
  • Install RMM Plugin Agent - Select check box associated with this option to install 'RMM Plugin Agen' in the device.
  • Force the reboot in - If you want to reboot the device after comodo package installation follow below steps,
    • Select check box associated with 'Force the reboot in '
    • Choose any of the time period among "'5 minutes', '10 minutes', '15 minutes', '30 minutes'" after which device will be automatically restart.
  • Suppress the reboot - Select check box associate with this option to cancel rebooting after software installed in the device.
  • Warn about the reboot and let users postpone it - Enable this option to allow users to postpone reboot upon warning.
  • Reboot message - Enter text to be displayed before reboot otherwise default message settings will be applied.

Step [5] Click ‘Install’ to complete the Comodo package installation process.