WIKI: How to install custom MSI packages?

Step [1]: Go to DEVICES > Device List and Select the specific device to install the desired MSI package

Step [2]: Click Install MSI/Packages icon and Select the Custom MSI/Packages menu

Step [3]: Fill the form and Click the button Install

  • MSI/Package URL - Enter the URL where the package is being downloaded. Example:
  • Command-Line Options - Enter the associated commands to install the package successfully. Example: /S
  • Reboot options - Set the options for reboot the machine after installation of the package
    • Force the reboot in - Select the minutes you want to delay
    • Suppress the reboot - Skip the reboot if you want to do so
    • Warn about the reboot and let users postpone it - Hand over the decision to Users who is logging in
    • Reboot message - automatically generated
  • Click Install button

Step [4]: Click the MSI Installation State tab to know the installation status in detail

Table contains the columns to check the details of MSI Installation State

  • Option: Delete MSI Installation State - Select the records from the table and Click the icon suppose you would like to delete them.
  • NAME - Name of the MSI Installation State
  • STATE - To check the state of the command started for execution
    • Command In The Queue - waiting for execution
    • Success - Completed
    • Fail - Failures in the execution
  • CREATED - Date of execution created