WIKI: How to Manage "My time Sheets"?

My Time Sheet allows staff to report their work by the predefined basis of Weekly or Monthly or Biweekly

Step [1]: Go to Service Desk > My Time Sheets

Step [2]: Click New Time Sheet icon

Step [3]: Fill the pop-up form and Click Continue button

the options and dependencies to complete above step as follow

Period - Choose any item from the drop-down list

Example: Weekly - Timesheet provide option to update your work log weekly - If you would schedule the Timesheet based on other list items from the drop-down

Click the Calendar icon and Choose any date from a week (When the Period is ‘Weekly’)

Template - Choose any item from the drop-down list. If you would prefer to create timesheet by your own style then you can skip the template selection

Templates are loaded from Admin Control Panel [Admin Creates and Saves Templates for Staff]

Step [4]: Click ‘Add New Line’ link from the Activity Table

Step [5]: Fill the Activity pop-up form and Click OK button

Activity - Enter the Activity Name you prefer for your task

Click over any field that remains in the form to update Hours or Minutes or Seconds that you have spent for the task on the day and Click Done button to save the Time on the form [Choose Time].

Click OK button from the Activity form

Once complete the Step[5], Check Activity Table that has the entry

Step [6]: Click the Submit button to directly submit the report to your Authority

If you would like to submit the report later then click the Save button to save the report there

If you prefer to update the report, there is the button ‘Update Ticket’s Data’ to modify your report when required

Once you submit your report status will be changed into ‘Awaiting’ and you get a system message to confirm the submission

Check your Time Sheet Status that changes based on your Authority’s action

Time Sheet Status - Check at the Status Column of the Table

Not Submitted - Which means that you did not yet submit the report to the concern Authority

Rejected - Which means that your report has been rejected to update again

Awaiting Approval - Which means that your Authority yet to check the timesheet

Approved - Which means that your authority approved the timesheet

Search the timesheets from the specific period if you would prefer now.