WIKI: How to monitor a TCP connection from Devices?

Step [1]: Go to ITSM > Configuration Templates > Profiles

Step [2]: Choose profile if exist, if not exist then create a new profile then continue

Step [3]: Select ‘Monitoring’ from ‘Add Profile Section’

Step [4]: Fill the form of General tab

  • Enter name in ‘Monitoring Name’, Example: Monitor TCP Connection
  • Enter description in ‘Description’, Example:This setup monitors TCP Connection of the target computer
  • Choose any of one from ‘Trigger an alert if’
    • Select 'Any of the conditions are met' if to trigger alert when any condition become true
    • Select 'All of the conditions are met' if to trigger alert when all conditions become true
  • Type and select custom alert from ‘Use Alert Settings’ if you want to get alerted based on the existing setting otherwise leave it blank. Example: TriggerAtMonitoringTCPConnection
    • If expected alert is not already created then create a new alert and continue
  • Select any of one from ‘Auto Remediation on alert’
    • Select 'Take no action' if you want to take no action belongs to alert
    • Select 'Run below procedure', type the script name and select the appropriate script if you want to automatically fix the alert. Example: Get Running TCP Connections

Step [5]: Select ‘Conditions’ tab

Step [6]: Select ‘TCP’ from ‘Add Condition’ button

Step [7]: Fill the pop-up form loads there

  • Select Hostname or IP Address from Parameter
  • Enter the value at ‘Is Equal to’. Example:
  • Enter the port number in ‘Port’. Example: 2424
  • Select any of one from Condition
    • Is Open
    • Is Closed
  • Enter the required number of seconds or minutes in ‘During’
    • Select ‘sec’ or ‘min’ for During’ value. Example: 5 or Sec
  • Click ‘Create’ button
**Repeat the step 6 and step 7 to create monitor for multiple TCP connections

Step [8]: Save the monitoring

Step [9]: Go to ITSM > Devices > Device List

Step [10]: Select any Device from the list

Step [11]: Click Manage Profiles

Step [12]: Click Add Profiles

Step [13]: Choose profile created for monitoring process or processes and Save the changes. Example: Monitor TCP