WIKI: How to monitor online/offline status of devices ?

The state of availability of a device can be known by setting the “Device status” monitor in ITSM. This monitoring allows the user to check whether the device is connected or disconnected for a certain amount of time. If the condition achieved, the user will be notified with an alert.In addition to triggering an alert, a user can call a procedure automatically as an act of remedy.

Use cases:

Device Online status can be checked for devices of sales representative who uses devices for limited period of time.

Device offline status can be checked for server devices which is set be always up.

Step [1]: To set Monitoring, Go to ITSM → Configuration Templates →"Profiles" menu and go to “Profiles” Tab

Step [2]: Choose a profile applied to your devices which requires monitoring for online/offline status.

Example :Standard Updates Management Profile

Step [3]: Add a Device Status Monitoring to the profile as mentioned in the below steps,

i) Add a monitoring column to the profile by Clicking “Add a Profile Section “ -> Monitoring.

ii) Go to Monitoring tab -> “Add Monitoring “ and Enter the Name for monitoring and its Description in their respective fields.

Step [4]: Go to “General Tab “, configure alert settings as below,

1.Choose the desired action from “ the trigger an alert if “ drop down

i).Any of the conditions are met - when any of the conditions that you have mentioned is met.

ii)All of the conditions are met - when all of the conditions that you have mentioned are met.

Example :All of the conditions are met

  1. Apply the custom alert created for the monitoring using “Use Alert Setting.

Example: Sales department alert

3.The remedy action for the triggered alert can be set by the technician by either opting to “Take no action” or choose run below procedure for fix using ‘Auto remediation alert’.

i)Take no action - No remedy action are defined for the triggered alert.

ii)Run Below Procedure - Assign an existing procedure as a remedy for the triggered alert by entering the name in the respective field.

Example: Send notification to logged in user

Step [5]: After configuring General tab, go to “Condition Tab “ and then follow below steps,

Click " Add Condition " button and Device Status from the drop down.

In Add Condition Dialog box,

Set the conditions and Click Create Button.

i) Device is Online - Select this option, if you want to check if the device is online

ii) Device is Offline -Select this option, if you want to check if the device is Offline

iii) Period: Enter the time period in the text box.

Example :

Condition - Device is offline .

Period: 30 Min.

If the device is in offline for more than the defined time period the alert will be triggered.

Step [6]: Click ‘Save’ button to apply changes to monitoring .The created Monitoring will be listed.

Awesome writeup. Thanks.
Is the “send notification to logged in user” procedure a custom procedure or has it been replaced with something else?

I think I managed to stumble along and get an Offline notification setup however either the Comodo version of the Itarian product is different or the howto is a bit out of date.

Hello @terry.r
This specific thread for monitoring offline/online status of a device is outdated as this one is referring to a deprecated method in the Endpoint Manager (EM, formerly ITSM) server. Take note also that the screenshots are for an older version of the C1 platform (no ‘Monitors’ subsection under CONFIGURATION TEMPLATES.) There was an issue with the ‘method’ at that time which led to the product development team to perform an overhaul of the ‘offline/online monitoring’ architecture.

How can be be notified when a server comes back online?
Often it is an internet outage that could last from a few minutes to a few days, whilst the server is still “up” it is not “online”.
Having a notification would save having to waste time chasing an alert Everytime there is a temporary Internet outage.
Hopefully its simple to send one alert “Back Online” after a brief outage.

Hi @Rickkee ,

Good day!

You can arrange a monitor with the condition “Device Online”. You can also set it to send you a notification.
Please follow the steps from the help guide below:

Thank you.