WIKI: How to reuse a default profile?

Step [1]: Go to ITSM → Configuration Templates and Click the Profiles menu.

Step [2]: Go to Default profile tab, Choose any of the available profile you would like to reuse.

Step [3]: Click the Clone profile icon and Please fill out the pop-up form

  • Enter the name
  • Enter the description
  • Click the Clone button

Step [4]: Go to Profile tab, the created profile will be listed and click the profile link.

Step [5]: Start Customizing the profile by Adding or Deleting or modifying the profile section.

1)To add a additional profile section, Click the button “Add Profile section” select any of the section from the drop down.

Example: Select Procedures from the profile section drop down and the procedure section will be added to the profile by clicking save button.

2)To delete a profile section, Go to the particular profile tab and click Delete button at the right most side of the section.

3)To Modify a profile section, Go to the particular profile tab Click Edit button at the right most corner and Check or uncheck the boxes depend upon the functionality you need to apply.

Step[6]: Save each profile section to apply changes.