Wiki or organize scripts

As the database for scripts grow (excellent job guys!), it would be helpful to have an organization for them to make it easier to find types of scripts.
For instance, I see some common types of scripts that could be categorized under labels like:
Scheduled Tasks
Other scripting (powershell, vbs, bat, etc)
Application install/uninstall/information
System Information
System Administration
File and Folder Operations

Some scripts could be linked under multiple categories.
This would be very helpful to find certain types of scripts rather than searching 30+ pages.

Hi @LiL-BuZZard

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are working right now to improve categorizing scripts here .

You can also refer below index pages for your scripts,


@LiL-BuZZard does address your requirement? thx

I must have missed the categories earlier - thank you that is exactly what I was looking for.
also thanks for the other 2 links to the short list of descriptions of scripts.
Thanks for the support!