Will the Management Console be absorbed into the website?

Good afternoon. I was wondering if the management console will eventually be pulled into the web interface? The web interface is so much nicer, but is read-only. It seems odd that I would need to install a separate console application in order to manage the policies, alerts, procedures, etc. The console is slow to load and slow to refresh. I understand that a plug-in would likely still be required in order to establish remote control of a machine. Thank you.

Hello @bradbrownjr ,

Yes, we have in plan to move RMM to the web interface, but we will still have RMM console for a while.


This is good news also looking forward to using the web interface for these tasks in the future and it will also make it cross platform and Mobile ready

Thank you for answering all of my questions Nick (all three posts!). I understand that the whole platform is still in early development, but must say that it is immensely useful - and affordable, already. I look forward to see where it goes!