Will there be more courses in the Comodo Academy?


I have just finished my “C1 Cerification” in the Comodo Academy and is just wondering if you will get more courses in there? I just find that one for the moment.

Thanks. =)

Hello @Noiden ,

We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll coordinate to the proper department and will provide you an update via email shortly.

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there are loads now they should show up.

I can’t open your attached file.

But I logged in and now I have five courses, is that same as you?

of course!!!
there will be lots and lots more coming soon…there is a team who works on this continuously…

The Comodo Academy has a number of courses available now, including the IT and Security Manager course, the Service Desk/Ticketing Course and the Bulk Upload course.

The home screen of the academy (https://www.comodoacademy.com/#/dashboard) shows you the IT and Security Manager Course. This is the key course that will teach you about RMM, Remote control, Patch Management AND Security

We are in the process of building a number of additional training courses within the academy, and are also simplifying the access process (we are currently using a learning management system that we are updating)