Windows 10 Rebuild/Reset/Wipe

Not sure if I originally put this in the correct forum.

So here goes in the script request area.

Remotely rebuilding/resetting/wiping Windows 10 machines?

I would love to be able to take control of a troublesome PC via the ITarian control panel (or run a predefined script) and select “rebuild” - the PC then wipes and rebuilds itself and once rebuilt I have control of it via ITarian to configure it and install software as per that customers requirements.

I guess I am looking with envy at the MS 365/Intune/Autopilot offering and wondering if there were any less expensive options to either deploy or redeploy WIN10 outside the corporate network?


Hello @icteq

The only way is RESTORE POINT. If even internet connection has been interuptedthe communication between Endpoint manager and the device will be broken. It’s not possible to re-create the platform with it unless we can create restore point. If system has faced any un noticable error we can perform restore point task to recover it.

Here is the script contains restore point:[title]=restore&sort=-order&per-page=25

Thank you

Hello @Aravind_pandi

That is a brave statement to say “the only way” is!!!

I was hoping there is a way to replicate the Microsoft MS 365/Intune/Autopilot refresh method

as in



Hello @icteq

Appreciate the update. Thank you very much. Actually, we don’t advise our customer to prefer any third-party tool to do the job. We will focus for windows native services to complete the job. As you have come with the solution we will move with this. If we face any difficulties wi will reach you out.

Thanks again.