Windows 11

So by now everyone will be aware of the requirements for windows 11 needing a tpm 2.0. I am currently running dev versions on virtualbox but does anyone know how to add the TPM 2.0 module in VirtualBox as a passthrough?

why not bypass the TPM requirement?

TPM is a requirement, and disabling it in windows 11 would only be a temp fix, as continued updates will require it. Most modern machines have it already it just needs to be enabled in the BIOS if not already. You can also buy TPM modules to install on older motherboards. TPM has been around for a long time, it should not be a surprise that it is being implemented.

Well managed to install it on vmbox and it is working well. Most things work from what I can see however the only bug i’ve found is installing drivers from device manager crashes the system.

are you still using the leaked build or is it the dev build that came out earlier this week?

Using the dev build.

well being that it’s the Dev build I’d Report it to M$ they may have a patch to fix it.

I am running Windows 11 on a VM as well as a PC no issues at all , you can find a detailed guide here