Windows 2008 R2

After installing the RMM agent and rebooting the server, the agent appears on the Devices screen, but all columns are N/A except for the public IP and marked as Unavailable although I can create a session from the agent.

I removed the agent from the technician console, and I can still create a session from the RMM agent! Of course, I cannot see it on the technician console. I uninstalled the agent manually, rebooted the server, reinstalled the agent and then it worked fine.

So, not sure what it didn’t work the first time, but I think a corrupt agent should not be able to start a session and chat when it’s marked Unavailable on the console or removed altogether. Instead, if it’s removed from the console, this should trigger an auto-uninstall upon connection.

Also, the device is detected as Workstation and not as Server although the device type was to “Auto-detect”. What’s the benefit of setting a device as workstation or server (I don’t see this info being used elsewhere, and we can know this info from the Operating System column anyway)?


thanks for the feedback. When you remove the device from admin console, you basicly disable the unattended control. However, agent can still initiate a session and you should be able to see it under sessions tab.

Regarding auto-detect, we are going to investigate it.