windows 7 killed by CCS because of guard64.dll error

3 days ago we lost access to one of our PC due to the error:
logonUI.exe - wrong image.
c:\windows\system32\guard64.dll not designed to be executed on windows or contains an error…
1- turn on PC
2- windows starts loading
3- only one window with the error descripted above appears
4- every time we close that window it appears again and nothing happens
5- tried to soft reboot but the only way is a hard reset, windows starts loading but stops at the same error
6- remote control is possible with 3 different clients but only the error window is showed and nothing else can be done

The only thing that worked was to download:
and run it in safe mode.
CCS was completely removed and the error dissapeared, now windows loads correctly
Reinstaled CCS but the same error appears again.
OS: windows 7
Does anyone else have this problem?, CCS doesn´t work anymore in windows 7?

Hello @cinc ,

We appreciate the posting of your issue on our Forums, we want to further investigate the case
and support team will get in touch with you via email shortly.


Please could you let me know what the cause of this is once resolved, thanks.

Hello @nct ,

Sure, we`ll add you on the loop as well.


I had a similar problem yesterday on a PC running Win7 x64, used just for scientific programs.
The CommClient was OK, updated to last version 19070, so the remote control was functional.
I see that many Windows updates was missing (program stability was ok).
After the 100+ updates installation the problem is gone, EAP is OK.
I suspect .net framework in particular…

Hello @cinc ,

Please make sure that all the Windows updates are installed, especially the ones below:


If you are still facing the issue after the above updates are installed, please reply on the support ticket we have created for you.

looping : @nct


Hello @Jay . Both KB were missing so installing them solved the problem but to do that we had to install SP1 first. We had the system running ok without SP1 until now, does that mean that CCS will not work anymore on Windows 7 without SP1?. What will happen after January 2020 EOL?

Hi @stefanoradam , we only had to install SP1 with the 2 KB listed by Jay. Installing .NET updates didn´t solve the problem.