Windows 7 x64 programs being contained - anyone else experiencing this issue

Since the CCS upgrade to, we are seeing a small number of PCs containing items such as Windows Services (services.msc) and MS Updates. Although, it is a small number at present, many of our endpoints have not updated yet. I have a ticket open with support.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

I have only upgraded my 2 laptops (WIN10 64bit) as I stopped the roll out after seeing you having the problems.

My laptop contained the “store” and “OneDrive updater”. everything else has been ok.

@Joners @dittoit are you seeing this issue on any of your endpoints?

We’re so far only seeing issues on some Win 7 x64 PCs and I have changed the update schedule to try and prevent more updating.

Hello @nct @dittoit,

We have sent individual emails regarding this issue you have raised. We will request for additional information to raise this issue to the development team.

Thank you.

Nope, sorry! We arent using Comodo’s endpoint security in production.

We have not seen these issues, but issues were services, dlls and networking functions have been stopped.

We have a support issue open with Comodo on this, and the issue with v10 are now so bad we re going back to v8 until issues like this and ones like having to have firewall and other components disabled to allow proper functions are solved or better still v10 scrapped and v11 developed and tested properly.