Windows Application Store - 32bit version installed when 64bit version selected !!

In the Windows Application Store I selected Notepad ++ 64bit to be deployed onto a device and this completed successfully.

I then chose Comodo Ice Dragon 64bit to be deployed onto the same machine, this came back as successful, but when I checked it had installed the 32 bit version ?

I uninstalled the 32bit version, went through the process slowly to make sure that I hadn’t selected the wrong version originally but again it came back as successful but had not installed the 64bit version as requested? As such, I uninstalled the 32bit version, connected via CRC, downloaded and installed the 64bit version direct from the Comodo Forum and it installed the 64bit version correctly.

Hello @bob-sawyer,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to investigate this issue and provide you resolution. We have created a support ticket for you, please reply at your convenience.