Windows AutoPilot Hardware ID Gather Script


I’m currently looking into setting up Windows AutoPilot for a number of our customers and as part of the setup, there is a requirement to obtain the hardware ID from the device and add it to intune. best vacuum cleaner for carpet

The process for obtaining the hardware ID is by installing and running a PowerShell script, running the script with the -OutputFile flag to a CSV then uploading that CSV to the Intune portal.

Is it possible that we can get a C1 script that can install and run the script and then log a ticket with the CSV attached to reduce the connection requirements to customer devices for this.


Hi @iosman123
We recommend that you check the predefined procedures in the Endpoint Manager (EM) that allows you to run a Powershell script (if you already have one ready to deploy). Just go to the Procedures and search (filter) for ‘powershell’. Check each of the predefined ‘Powershell’ procedures to find which one can accomplish your objective.