Windows checking for disk problems during reboot.

Would it be possible to have an enhanced version of this script which runs a full disk check, ie checking for errors and repairing, then creating a ticket with errors? It would need to run during a reboot.

@nct ,

Certainly. We’ll forward the request to our Scripts Team and inform you of the result of their test.

@nct ,

After consulting our Script Developers they have confirmed no possible success in making a ticket with the script results. However, we are consulting Development Team from ITSM if we can raise a mechanism feature on this. We’ll get you notified of their response.

Would it be possible to have a script without creating a ticket?

@nct ,

We’ve made the request for this condition as well. We’ll provide an output of their result the soonest time possible.

Hello @nct,

Please refer to the link below for the script that checks for the disk errors on all hard disk drives.

Thank you and please let us know your feedback on the script provided.