Windows onboarding and configuration/security scripts

Does anyone have scripts they use through Itarian when onboarding Windows machines to tweak the settings or make the OS more secure? Thanks.

Well, no but yes.

We don’t have a specific ITarian script for that, but maybe you could use the generic “Run PowerShell Script” procedure along with a well-known hardening script like the “Windows-Optimize-Harden-Debloat”. May be worth testing. :slight_smile:

My two cents.

Thank you so much for the links.

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Scripts like this can really help protect devices, but you have to be extremely careful they do not rip out or disable services and features that you might need or applications rely on.

That being said, the idea of having ITarian run the PS is completely possible, and this would be a good use of the “run once” schedule of a procedure with the ticket box option of run when profile is assigned to a device.

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