Windows system could not update

@datalink ,

We thank you for giving us your feedback. Our Developers are currently under discussion in regards to finetune VirusScope’s granular settings. This will be implemented on the 22nd.

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Regarding the escalated case " When Av Feature is Turned On the Windows Update is Being Blocked ", we have been informed that the issue was fixed.

When you have the opportunity, please check and let us know if everything is now working as expected on your side.@

I have this issue too. Windows Update error code 80070002. If I run CCS Cleaner and then run Windows Update it works like a charm. After I installed the newer version of CCS Windows Update seems to work.

@Noiden ,

We are glad to hear your feedback. We’ve seen replies of other MSPs as well after the release last 22nd had resolved the patching issue.