Windows update critical

Can someone write me a procedure to perform the critical windows updates with the windows update command (not triggering it via the ITSM patch manager, since for me at least it appears to be broken for OS updates)? I’d like to run it against all of my non-server machines just to ensure any critical updates have been applied (hopefully this covers office too?) as my ITSM updates haven’t bee working since around the middle of April (there is a ticket open for this but it has taken some time so I want to make sure my customers are not at risk).

Hi @indieserve

Yes sure, We will update you with requested script.


Hi MKannan, patching is working again so this script isn’t necessary for me now, they got it fixed faster than I thought! :slight_smile: (not to say it wouldn’t be handy for someone else if their patching breaks though).

Hi @indieserve

Thank you for your acknowledgment : ) . However, we will complete and publish it for forum users.