Windows Updates/Patch Management

Comodo One

I’m testing this out to see if it will meet our needs. I want to create a group of devices and schedule their Windows Updates to occur once a month and only security updates. I went to
ITSM>Configuration Templates>Profiles>Updates and created a Profile but only see 3 tabs ‘Comodo Client - Comm’/Comodo Client - Security’/‘Servers’

Am I in the right place? I already have my devices in groups.


No. In a word. They are comodo updates.

you need to create a procedure and schedule the updates. Have a read through the help section.

I have this done but of the top of my head I cant remember the exact steps.
You need a profile that contains the procedure.

comodo will be able to direct you :wink: it’s late!!!

Go into procedures, create new, patch procedure. Then create a policy to schedule that procedure… think thats right.

Hello @Bootstrapper
As @dittoit pointed out, you can accomplish your objective by setting up a custom patch procedure.

Thanks guys.