Windows updates wont run after the most recent update

Hello, after the September updates, Windows computers no longer able to run windows updates, I’m getting Error 80070002, it will not run until i remove Comodo Security Client.
i tried to narrow it down, by disabling Security features individually, like firewall, antivirus and hips, but it wiont work until teh comodo security client FULLY uninstalled,
i tried selecting even the lowest profile but still unable to run windows updates,
I hope Iits as simple as me not selecting the right settings on the profile and i dont have to remove the security client everytime i need to run windows updates,
P’s, this is all across the board on all workstations and servers i have in my list,

your help is appreciated

Hi @technotronix, this is a known issue and our team will be implementing a fix together with our September 22nd release. As temporary workaround disable the VirusScope in ITSM profile where the affected devices are associated.

many thanks for the quick reply