Windws updates turned off locally - do the scripts/patches work?

Do the C1 patches/scripts work if the local machine has windows updates turned off? win 7? win10?

@evoevoevo ,

The patching procedure will not work since the local endpoints policy will refuse the incoming updates.

Depends how you have turned off.

if you stop the windows update service then no updates can be performed. However is you have it set to never update then comodo will be able to Install the updates.

I have GP’s setup to stop local updates everything is controlled via C1.

Thanks, I imagine there’s a c1 script that will turn on the updates?

Yes I had these written.stopping win10 updates is nearly impossible. You need to run a couple of scripts. Beware they will immediately reboot the endpoint. Search the site :wink:

Would you be willing to share the GP’s you setup so that C1/ITarian EM can control the updates?