Word of caution on 3rd party patch management - Heads Up!

Something I discovered today and confirmed with Comodo is that Comodo maintains its own version management for 3rd party apps and it has not been kept up to date. For example, Chrome is currently at 98.0.4758.102, but the highest version that Comodo checks for is 98.0.4758.80
This database is maintained by Comodo Staff, the same goes for what applications are “supported” by 3rd party patching.

EM Supported 3rd Party Applications, Devices Management| Comodo Endpoint Manager

After speaking to support today I think I have put a “bug” in their ear and I was told they would address this ASAP.

I also made the suggestion that in some shape form or passion we need the ability as administrators to update this, or have the software inventory tool grab the latest version installed and compare with the available version to at least WARN admin that devices are out of date with their counterparts to help identify outdated software. Giving admin the ability to monitor and manage their own update/software version database.

Good thing I do not rely only on the Comodo product to tell me there is a risk as a result of an outdated software package, in this case, Microsoft Security informed me that I had 2 programs that were vulnerable to attack or exploit, Chrome was the biggie!

At least now I can work on a procedure to run against these and get them updated.