Work Time is Billable


I might be blind, but can’t seem to find the setting “Work Time is Billable” in Service Desk ->Admin Panel->Setting->Tickets - should be there according to the WiKi

Anybody know where it has gone to ?

best regards
Frederik Bay

@frederikbay ,

We apologize for the confusion. The mentioned post is an outdated version of Service Desk dating last year. Since then, a lot of changes had been made in the Service Desk Module. Currently, You can now set SD to allow manual time entries. And upon manually adding worked time, the staff can select if it’s billable or not.

Ok, but would it be possible to have a default so that all manual time is per default billable?

Hello @frederikbay, in our understanding what you would like to achieve is after adding the work time manually, it should be default billable, is this correct? If yes, it is already set to default Billable. Please see attached screenshot.

You may also check this help guide link:…ket_time_spent

Please let us know if this does not answer your query. And please provide us more/additional information on what you would like to achieve in order for us to provide you the best possible answer.