Workflow Change

This is a feature request based on :ITarian Forum - ITarian Forum
from Alphatecsd

It would help our workflow if we could do something as described in the picture below:

  1. Click on a Client Name
    Action: open the list of devices
  2. Click on Device Group Name
    Action: show the list of devices in the group
  3. Click on Device
    Action: show the “device view” below the list of PCs instead of opening a new window
    Detail: I’m asking that the main window of the device list be split between a list of devices on the top and on the bottom the “device Details”. It would make moving between devices much easier.

@easterntech50 We have forwarded your feature request and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.
I also sent you an email to keep better track of your request.

Hi @easterntech50

What do you mean with client name? is it the managed company or is it a person?


Sorry Client Name = Organization. It is the current list that is shown when you click on “Device List”.


I see,

So, you are looking for split screen view with device details on the bottom.

Yes the end goal is to be able to switch between and get information about multiple systems as quickly as possible. Often times one tech may have to log into multiple PCs from the same “Organization” during one ticket and it is a pain in the rear right now because hitting the back button goes back to the entire list of customers and doesn’t take us back to the same place in the device list.

A split screen would help this out dramatically. If you have access to a maxfocus account check out how they are doing it. It saves a lot of time.

Hi @easterntech50,

We will add this information to the existing ticket. Thank you for providing more information.