Would like to add a forced shutdown of all sandboxes shortcut on endpoint protection

Because some malicious or mischievous viruses will lead to lock screen or mouse can not operate, then hope to have a shortcut key to close the sandbox directly in the program

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Could you please extend your request a bit more?

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When some prank or destructive virus is running in the sandbox and can cause the keyboard or mouse to go out of control, a shortcut to close the sandbox can immediately kill the virus and undo the changes, for example, Kaspersky’s CTRL + Alt + Shift +F4COMODO

Another question, can you add the switch for advanced view in the next version?I need it so badly that you can add an option in the cloud console configuration to allow terminal nodes to enable advanced views

COMODO Client-Security How to enable Advanced View? - Itarian Forum

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Is there an option to reset Containment from Endpoint Manager? I’ve never seen it but it would be nice to have since sometimes I do have to go on specific devices to do this.

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Thank you for raising this point. I’ve added this request to our roadmap, and it is now included in our mid-term plan.

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Does the roadmap include integrating Valkyrie into Dragon Enterpise?The current Valkyrie color and style are different from Dragon Enterpise. We hope to unify the style and directly integrate into Dragon Enterpise without skipping to another web page

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We’re accepting your request to provide a more unified system, and adding it to our roadmap as a long-term plan due to our short and mid-term plans are more security and functionality-based.

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Hello, thank you for accepting my advice. At present, COMODO endpoint security has a way to bypass all defenses, almost no solution, unless your technical team think of a way to deal with this attack (white file utilization) malicious DLL file using white file EXE attack, the following is a simulated attack video.This one uses ransomware to successfully bypass all defenses and encrypt, which is COMODO’s only drawback !

Below is the virus sample, EXE is white file, DLL is black fileThe password is: infected
https://www.dropbox.com/s/genog2yfqvclhx9/白加黑勒索%2020 22-02-18.7z?dl=0

Where did you get the profile configuration from?
Why didn’t you show Miscellaneous section and Script Analysis?