Xcitium MSSP Platform Release!

We at ITarian are pleased to announce that working with our Xcitium, we can now offer you the ability to become an MSSP in easy steps!

As you all might be aware, we have had a SOCaaP (Security Operations Centre as a Platform) for awhile, but this was lacking basic features like EDR and alerting; but thats all changed!

From now you will see the new and improved version of SOCaaP known as “Xcitium MSSP Platform” in your apps store or in the menu if you have it enabled already.

What is Xcitium MSSP Platform?
Well, do not let me waste my time explaining what it is, check out this dedicated video from the head of the Xcitium team as he explains all.

How Much is MSSP Platform?
This is a bit of an open ended question, I say this as there are many parts and licenses from devices to cloud monitoring and more.

But to give you an example you will be able to get a device license from $3.25 a month!

For full information please speak to Xcitium on sales@xcitium.com

How do I get Xcitium MSSP Platform?
Start a conversation with Xcitium on sales@xcitium.com who can getting one of the skilled Xcitium team involved to help you deploy and setup as needed.

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Does this integration need to be purchased separately via xcitium, and not via reseller?

Are we doing subscriptions by vendor, not by platform?

There is no entry or option in the shop tab, it only has Acronis and Xcitium secure email gateway.
Perhaps via the “itarian marketplace” which was mentioned many times, but nowhere to be found.

Looks like we can only get details on pricing once we email xcitium from this announcement.

I know you said they are separate companies, and just share some resources, but the itarian platform has a tab for Protection/Security old school layout and a new tab for Xcitium MSSPthat appears to launch from Xcitium in a webpage window and has all “our” clients and endpoint populated.

It still confuses me about the crossover between platforms and why, just my thoughts.


Hi @mcfproservices

In your case as your with the reseller AMS IT Support Ltd please reach out to them on help@ams-it.support where they can talk you through it all.


The key is Xcitium has built this MSSP platform because Xcitium is a partner centric company.
if you look at the market prices, lets say Crowdstrike

Falcon Complete is the Full MDR (but they don’t have Xcitium’s patented Detectionless Protection technology) and i think they charge upwards of $30 - $50 per month…
Better Full MDR from Xcitium (Better because we have Patented technology that can protect when detection fails) is only $3.25 per month! 1/10th price!
Which means you as an MSP can have a VERY healthy margin selling MSSP services using Xcitium.

You can easily charge $20 per month for a full MDR service and pay Xcitium $3.25 a month only! Huge profit.

Now you can deliver a much better security much more cost effectively to your customer base, while making huge profit!

Hey Mileh, i fully agree and that is what i mentioned the last time we spoke on teams. So mucv value for money. I’m happy i moved the the Xcitium platfrom from the iTararian one. Didn’t know crowdstirke is so expensive, dam!

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the market price is on average around $30 per endpoint per month for a Full MDR service.
Because of the innovation at Xcitium, we were able to reduce the price point. We have very intelligent/patented ways to reduce the attack surface, therefore reduce the workload. So we don’t need to charge huge price points to employ SOC analysts to kill false alerts! Our guys deal with High Fidelity alerts thanks to innovation. So the price savings are reflected to your partners.

You can build an MSSP business literally with a click of a button, offer your customers a
much better price point,
much better security,
While you reap much higher profits

Without you requiring any capital
Without you requiring any expertise
Without you requiring any resources

Its a pretty lucrative opening in the market place, now…
I emphasize “NOW” because with these prices from Xcitium, there is a huge land grab happening as we speak. Early adopters are the winners!

Ya i agree, been using socaap for a while now, almost since i was release and really happy with it. Keep up the awesome work! I recently joined the ESET, integer with sentinel one and crowdstrike, webroot and they all want to detect and show who well they do it but it all comes down to, if you can’t detect, you can’t protect, even when you detect later, it might be to late.

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you are 100% spot on, detection based technologies (pretty much every cybersecurity out there) do have its place, however it cannot and it should NOT be the only way you protect your customers.
Detectionless protection as well as Detection Based protection should both be in your protection stack.
Otherwise one would be leaving their customers vulnerable when detection fails, and we all know 100% detection does not exist.
These ransomware authors are not stupid who will spend all their time/money to release something that gets detected right off the bat…they test it…and make sure its not detected before they release it…
Also, its mathematical impossibility to detect 100%, its called the “The Halting Problem”…its a mathemtical impossibility…which means detection will fail guaranteed, but then again we don’t need Math to tell us that :slight_smile:

so for $3.25 to FULLY MANAGE all cybersecurity while others are charging upwards of $40 per month per endpoint for a lesser service is a ground breaking opportunity for any MSP.