Xcitium Rebrand..

Just been reading through the notes on the rebrand and it states that CCS Agents will change all update settings to ‘Latest Stable version’.

Just one query… will this downgrade any endpoints running newer versions or just upgrade any endpoints running older versions of CCS??

Hi @Ed_Johnson

I believe this refers to the portal setting that was configured for Comodo C1 and Dragon Enterprise users to use the previous version as a just in case due to a know issue with AV install. If I’m correct the issue has been solved and these platforms are now going back to using most stable version.

ITarian was not effected by this issue, so if ITarian user nothing to worry about.

@ilgazy can you confirm?


Hi Robin

Do we have an update from @ilgazy yet?

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Hello @Ed_Johnson,

This change doesn’t have any effect if the endpoint already has a greater version than the “Latest Stable Version”.

The aim of this change is to allow customers to use the stable security agent version - by default. If this setting is already pointing to a specific version rather than “Latest Version”, then the change did not have any effect at all. We only changed this setting for customers having “Latest version” chosen by default.

Moreover, you can change this setting from

Endpoint Manager -> Settings -> Portal Setup -> Client Settings -> Windows -> Xcitium Client - Security -> Default Client Version

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Will changing the default client security automatically bring any endpoint not on this version up to date or is this only when installing and manually updating client security?