Xcitium Rebrand

It would be useful to be able to customize the next rebrand (comodo - itarian - xcitium) with drop-down menus
or with a set of standard icons/logos provided,
to minimize the impact on customers.
Personally, I don’t really like the new look
Thank you

Hi @stefanoradam

The branding change is on the Comodo / Xcitium side and not ITarian.

​​​​​​This being said, I’m pleased to say both Xcitium Dragon and ITarian PSA have branding options within the profiles of Endpoint Manager (RMM tool).

If you have applied your own branding to devices for Xcitium Security Client and ITarian Communication Client the end user should not see any changes.

Hope this helps.


Hi Robin,
thanx I got it,
in my Profiles I prefer Comodo, because is a known Brand by customers.
Now, despite not having changed or asked anything, my profiles seems ready for rebrand:

I would rather not waste time looking for the various icons and images to keep the original look…

@ilgazyucecengizcomod can you help on this front please?

Yes this will be good if we can choose to use the Xcitium or Comodo branding.

Dear all,

I have related this to the Xcitium team for you.


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Thank your Robin for this

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