Xcitium ??

‘Comodo Security Solutions is excited to announce our official rebranding to Xcitium’

Sorry… prefer Comodo…

What’s everyone’s opinion on the brand change??

I always find this utterly confusing, determining just what package I’m running.

This is me…

Q1. Is ITarian also known as “Comodo Security Solutions” ?
Q2. If so, are we looking at product feature and price modifications ?
Q3. Is this an entirely new management team and structure ?

Just askin :slight_smile:


I also got this email.

Already it wasn’t clear for me because first the whole platform was named ‘Comodo One’. With Comodo as endpoint security.
After that the platform changed to ‘Itarian’. With Comodo still as endpoint security.
But strangely, on the Comodo website, they refer tho (this?) platform as the Dragon platform.
On the website it looks that they have more features packed than we have.

And now the endpoint security changes name.

Hope this won’t fork the product and will create different platforms.

It would be strange because the staff behind Comodo and Itarian is nearly the same.

But again, I hope the products will be the same because they’re going to launch a mass campaign and hope we’ll see more improvements shortly and bugfixes.

And lastly, hopefully it’s not a step to change the price model again!!
At least, not for us. (the existing users.)

It’s not only the product naming that seems utterly chaotic, the distribution chain is too… Sometimes I get messages from Comodo direct (I assume Turkey??)… Sometimes from sales reps in the USA… Then there are a couple of guys on this forum with small IT companies who speak and act like they are running Comodo in the UK… and then just yesterday I got an email from another UK based guy who purports to actually work for Comodo. I’m utterly confused by the products and the distribution chain :D:D and now, we have yet another product name to contend with.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a moan, more of a plea to refine the product naming and distribution. Maybe Xcitium is an attempt to do that. I certainly hope so.

So they are changing the name from a Roman Emperor to something written by a cat walking over the keyboard…


Funny conversation I had just yesterday with a sailing associate… He knows I work in IT and asked me which security product I’d recommend. I obviously said Comodo. To my surprise he said ‘We use that at work.’ He works for a nationwide UK disability charity. He went on to say ‘Funny name Comodo, always reminds me of a commode.’ I explained that the name was changing to Xcitium. His reply… ‘that’s even worse. It sounds like the product name for a laxative.’ :D:D

  1. ITarian LLC and Comodo are different companies. ITarian and Comodo / Excitium are different products. One is RMM and other is AV.

  2. Please explain more about question so I can answer?

3.Always been rwo different management teams as different companies.

Product was originally designed and released as an AV controller and management system for Comodo hence the name Comodo One.

RMM functions later add, then a service desk etc… Then choice made to split the company into Comodo and ITarian with a few versions of the platform aimed at different markets.
Comodo one / ITarian = MSP
Dragon = Enterprise

As you can see from above, this would explain why you get the same staff for a lot of the issues as there is deep routes from being one company and sharing same platform.

On the development side there are changing happening to make sure things are fixed and improved for both companies.

Hi @Ed_Johnson

My name is Robin.

I own an company called AMS IT Support Ltd (previously “Strobe Technologies Ltd”). If you look over the forums I have posted for years and also my company distributes Comodo and ITarian to the UK, EU and other regions.

I’m also pleased to say I have recently started the role of product manager at ITarian.

I hope this explains, but if this does not please DM me the details of people and companies and I’ll verify all.


Hi @RT-AMS-ITarian,

Thanks for the info.
Great to hear that improvements are going to be made to the product.

What baffled me was that I was checking the differences in the AV product. Comodo AV has more features and is more ‘presented’ on the web than Itarian.
And when I tried to login to see the differences on the ‘Dragon platform’, I was directed to the same Itarian platform and could login with my own credentials.
So, for me, it was the same platform.

I was even contacted (by mail) by he same sales-person where I ordered Itarian in the first place.

So that’s why it’s very confusing because I can’t see any difference. Only in name and product. But not in platform.

But will the AV side of Itarian still be Comodo client or will that also change to Xcitium with the features that Comodo AV now has?


Hi @ailan

So far the plan is to have Comodo / Xcitium as we currently do, no plans to change that at all.

If your account is on ITarian it does not matter which screen you log in to, you will only get the features your assigned.



That’s the confusing part: same platform under different names. Reachable via different sites. Mostly the same Endpoint protection product, but different features. Depending on which brand you signed for.

It would be great if we can have the same features, like Secure Shopping, from Comodo Endpoint in Itarian. All under the same name as Xcitium endpoint protection.


I’d like to think we will get a better intergrated product offering, but will not hold my breath.

I still have a couple of other RMM’s in usage, Itarian has suited in the most part, but been waiting for a hell of a lot of catching up, mobile app etc.
Also I jumped over to Service DeskV2 - now cannot access that on the mobile app or see any new tickets.

All the other add ons’ have been mentioned but no idea on how to correctly access, eg

Not sure what we need to do, special sign up or just as a new customer?

Also - Right now I have zero access, to the portal or remote app, webpage issues ??



In regards to the same offering, the difference is security product offerings like EDR and other bits ike that. On the AV and RMM side nothing is different across all the platforms.

There is a big change in the RMM portal looks different and where an MSP on ITarian can add customers this is replaced buildings/areas.

Unfortunately as do not know all the differences as my ITarian based for my own company and role inside ITarian.


Better integration and stability is top of my list on product development. Current aim is to improve Service Desk v2 and the RMM so they fully integrated and provide all informational and tools needed.

While doing this we do have exciting new stuff in the works, but I’m not going to say anything on this until we have ETA to make sure we deliver soon after mentioning it.

There is a new mobile app in delevopment which will do Sdv2, but I do not have eta for you at present.

The other add ons mentioned are third party tools that we can integrate with easily and looking to offer soon which will enable people to use them to either integrate with other tools or bots. No need to sign up for a new account as this will not get the features sooner.

Not sure on issues, but will check support queues.


On the issue I see you have support ticket @mcfproservices

I can also see this issue is wide spread and team working on it.

I prefer the name to stay Comodo, if they won’t to change the logo and colors then fine. The name Comodo in the cybersecurity world has to much value imo.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on the name as different company, but using profiles you can call it Comodo still with and logo you wish!