You can now offer Cybersecurity as a billable managed service to your customers.

SOCaaP v2 is officially launched!
You can now offer Cybersecurity as a billable managed service to your customers.
Zero upfront payment.
Comodo does all the work.
Billed in arrears and pay for what you use.
Starting from $1.99 per month per Workstation/Server
ONLY available to service providers MSPs and MSSPs! (Integrated with PSAs like Itarian and Connectwise, more integration coming soon)

You can create and account and start making money instantly and pay later!

error123.JPG I followed the link and looks interesting and if it is as the promo suggests then can see some value added sales.

What sort of overlap or integration will this do with our current itarian platform, as is the same portal, different website login required etc.

Also, there is a page offering a “free report score” (redirects to but when filling in name/email/phone and submit chrome chucks an error as not secure?

Not such a positive first impression?


Thanks Cert expiry issue, it has now been fixed, you can access your report now.

Exciting opportunity! Is there detailed information/guides available, as well as pricing structures?


If you go to the bottom of that page, you can see all the packages and pricing. (crazy cheap pricing imo)!

Thank you @melih ! Will there be a help guide coming soon? We’d like to see something that explains the different elements, how to set-up endpoints and/or networks, and how to interact with the platform. I can only find the help guide on deploying sensors.
You can watch it here…
Happy to get our guys to help walk you thru as well.

@ntelogic Happy Monday! I would be happy to help walk you thru it. Please send me an email to so I can get your number or we can set up a time to discuss any of your questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks! Karla

Hey there! Just wanted to make sure the SOCaaP and the Comodo services you offered provide one and the same quality. Not sure I got it right.

I hope you can assist me. Maybe I should use another channel of communication…

SOCaaP is a Comodo platform built into Itarian. It can offer all Comodo security thru an Integrated Itarian experience.