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Hello MSP Partners!

On behalf of the Comodo One Management team, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support in Comodo One MSP Platform. We appreciate your partnership and are here to service you as best as we can to expedite your business growth and profitability.

As you know, we provide you with all the management tools you need to run your business for free for lifetime. We at Comodo believe that the advanced management tools you need to run your business should be free of cost. We will enable you to expand your product portfolio and services to increase your revenue. As partners, we will grow together!

This is A TRUE PARTNERSHIP! Hence it’s very important that you are offered a voice in the evolution of the Comodo One Platform. Your feedback is extremely valuable! We have an army of developers working 24/7/365 to enhance our platform to better serve you and offer you all the features you need. We are determined to build a fully complete integrated IT Management Platform.

“Your Voice Matters” Board is where we will engage with you to get your feedback and provide you with valuable information. Our mission is to create a true MSP Community environment where you can interact with one another as well as our management team to keep enhancing and evolving our platform to better serve you. You Request, We Deliver!

Looking forward to your valuable feedback and providing you with outstanding service!

Best Regards,
Comodo One Management Team

well said Cigdem!

Since we now have CRM, I would like to see some integration with LeadPages ® and AWeber ®. LeadPages does what the name implies, it allows you to get sign ups to a website and generate leads. AWeber is an emailing program to add your leads, create sales funnels, and other automated email delivery. Both LeadPages and AWeber have published API’s available for this purpose. If I could get these programs integrated with Comodo CRM that would be great! If not directly integrated then perhaps through Zapier​®?

Hello @cjwoodbury ,
Thank you for the feedback provided! Please send us an email at containing your request alongside with the link to this forum post and we will escalate your request to the appropriate department.

Hi @cjwoodbury,

Thank you so much for your feedback. This is exactly what we need! =) Keep it coming please.