your devices are not secure?

I just logged into the web portal, and I got a notice that " your devices are not secure", my only options are to secure now, and remind me in 30 days. what is this about?

Hello @miker1000

Thanks for your post. We will come up with a case ID for you to followup up further.

I still have not had a reply.

I’m not sure why a case needs to be opened, shouldn’t this be listed in a sticky, or announcement to explain what this means?

There was a time, that a question would be asked, and an answer would be had within a day, now this is a “paid” product and the responses are non existent.

I imagine the free help that the community previously wanted to provide, no longer wants to assist, since we are preparing to pay for the FreeForever service, it would seem that the service should show what we will be paying for.

I have noticed people taking to twitter to rant about their disappointment, this is bad PR not only for comodo / iTarian, but also for the MSP’s that use this service, as these band names are all over our clients computers.

Come on guys, make this right, and keep up the amazing work that was done in the past… @melih @fatih please don’t let this awesome service, die an agonizing death!

Hello @miker1000,

Thank you for your feedback. You are seeing this notification because none of your endpoints are protected by Comodo Client - Security.

I have sent you a PM as well.

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,
Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Technical Product Manager
Endpoint Manager

So, your saying I’m going to be nagged to use CCS?
My endpoints are already protected with other AV, I could see if absolutely no AV was installed…

My only option is to snooze the nag screen for 30days, or protect now? I never want to see that message again, but everytime the page is refreshed, it pops up again.

unacceptable, decisions being made here to push on us end-users.

I’m about to be paying for the RMM, if I want other services, nagging is the last way to get me to use one of your other products!

I do not want annoying pop up windows giving me, techs, or my clients that use the web interface receiving false information and possibly 1 of them accidentally selecting the protect now button.

Fix this!

This is somewhat annoying for me too. Especially when the option to remind in 30 days button doesn’t work. When you press remind me, then click out of a container and back to your devices, it continues to popup.