You've Exceeded Free Usage Limit on Dome Shield Gold

I keep getting these notifications but I don’t WANT to be using Dome Shield. I checked and it looks like somehow my network got listed for Dome Shield, but it will not let me uninstall it or remove it in any way. how do I turn off Dome Shield ???

Hi @nnsit
The use of Dome Shield is ‘triggered’ when a device goes online and sends its requests through the Shield DNS server ( and To stop using it, you will need to make sure that your managed devices (inc. router and local resolver VM that you may have) are not pointing to the Shield DNS IP addresses. You might need to check also if somehow a ‘roaming agent’ got installed in any of your managed ‘mobile’ devices (like laptops, smartphones, etc.). If you find one, simply uninstalling it from the device will do.

Perfect description, includes all possible reasons.

Might sound odd, but why not want to use Dome Shield, it is a great way to help protect users.