Clean Virus Alerts in the "Compliance" "Devices with Viruses" Dashboard ?


we do not find any option to clean “infected files” alerts that comes up in the “Devices with Viruses” of the “Compliance” dashboard in the itarian dashboard,
even after having clicked on the different submenus going to the infected files (that have been cleaned years ago).

Hi @bas_dsi , after deleting the malware, you need to run a full AV scan to clear the infected status.

As you can see,
last full scan = 06/04/21,
and I can confirm you, that the infected files were removed a long time ago (but I double ckecked immediately, files are not in the computer) :slight_smile:

Hello @bas_dsi ,

As I see it is unrecognized files scan, instead of full scan. As @nct stated, you need to run a full scan on the endpoint, then the list will be updated.

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@ilgazy Do you mean run it locally on the endpoint instead of from the console?

No, it can either be run from endpoint or initiated from console. It seems what I wrote caused misunderstanding.

I just observed from the screenshot that @bas_dsi provided and tried to mention that the scan type has to be AV Full Scan.

It can be of course initiated from Scan -> Antivirus Full Scan button directly from console.

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OK thank you, Asking for full scan remotely does not work,
that’s why, so we launched from the end point, I’ll keep you informed.

@bas_dsi what version of Comodo Client Security do you have installed on this endpoint?

@nct : 6.40.40080.21030

For info, Scan manually launched has been “aborded” without any info… user launched it again… but I think that something is blocking full scan on endpoint.

That’s just the Itarian Communications Client, could you check on the Comodo Client Security which version you are running?

ok, sorry

@bas_dsi , unless you have a specific reason to run such an old version of CCS, update to and run a full scan again.

I don’t really manage updates of the versions that’s why ;-D

i’ll try to see how to update it.

Click on the machine on the console > Install or Manage Packages > Update Additional Packages

Done !

But still impossible to finish the scan :frowning:

Hi @bas_dsi,

What issue you are getting from while running the full scan, please share the error screenshot.

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Hi @PremJkumar I verified endpoint logs, and each time it says “scan aborted”, without more info. (and we launched 3 times, rebooting computer, removing all possible software like backup agent, anti cryptolocker, etc…) @ilgazy, @nct any way to clean the audit logs to empty the dashboard ?

Hi @bas_dsi,

We will create a support ticket to investigate the cause of the scan is getting aborted and will reach you if more details needed.

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@bas_dsi , there was a bug in earlier versions of Comodo Client Security which caused scans to be aborted, if you haven’t already upgraded the machine to 12.6, I suggest you do then rescan.

I did not verified but the endpoint stayed in version and did not updated remotely to 12.6… any advises to force upgrade ?