Comodo failed to unistall Comodo Client Security v11.2.0.7313

I have a client that refused to uninstall correctly. No log entries. All the services are disabled and greyed out.No Comodo processes in the task manager.

I am attempting to reinstall using the bulk installation Package and I receive the following error: fatal error" ces_64.msi failed." Native message Fatal error during install.

Is there a procedure or software to manually uninstall a failed client uninstall?

Windows 10 Pro (1803) 64 BIT

I’ve used this removal tool to clean CCS before… Has to be run on the device.

@Santron66351 ,

We apologize for the issue that you have experienced. You can revisit our previous discussion in regards to the rollback of the Client Security v11.2 here

We suggest utilizing our Como Client Security Removal Tool (64bit) (32bit) locally

or via importing a Script Procedure

Thank You this worked.