Comodo ONE - IT Operating Platform April Release (03/31/2018)

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that we will have April release on Comodo ONE on Saturday 31st March 2018 (03/31/2018). The release is named “April” to avoid confusion with the previous release, but will actually be launched on the last day of March. The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo One will be in maintenance mode.

IT and Security Manager
New Features

  • We offer a whole new level of partnership to our MSP and Enterprise customers.
Comodo Client Communication and Comodo Client Security can now be white-labeled with your own company name, product name and artwork. This allows customers to extend the reach of their brand, build more intimate relationships with their clients and gain competitive advantage over competitors reliant on non-branded 3rd party solutions.

You can reach the rebranding options under ‘Configuration Templates → Profiles → UI Settings → Comodo Client Communication Rebranding / Comodo Client Security Rebranding’

  • Comodo Client Communication – you can modify the following names and artwork:
  • Client Name
  • Company Name
  • Support Web site
  • Support Phone
  • Support Email
  • Company Header Logo
  • Product Logo
  • Company Logo
  • Icon
  • Company Logo
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Comodo Client Security – you can modify the following names and artwork:
    • Client Name
    • Company Header Logo
    • Company Logo
    • Product Logo
    • Widget Caption
    • Icon
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Improved the Comodo Client Communication system-tray menu to provide support contact details. Your endpoint users can now use this menu to find your latest contact information:
    • Support Web site
    • Support Phone
    • Support Email
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • You can now export data from the following ITSM pages:
    • Application Control
    • Containment
    • Device Control
Exported data will be available in ‘Dashboard → Reports’ as a new report. In the following months we will implement this functionality on all table views (device list, antivirus etc.).

You can find the wiki for this feature here

  • Added "Run this procedure immediately when the profile is assigned to a new device" option to ‘Profiles → Procedures → Add Existing Procedure’ menu.
    You can use this option to ensure a particular script automatically runs right after applying a profile to a device. This is especially useful for important first-touch tasks such as on-boarding.
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Added "Skip procedure if the device is offline" option to ‘Profiles → Procedures → Add Existing Procedure’ menu.
    This option means the procedure will not be queued if the device is offline. It will be skipped entirely. This can be useful if you have major scheduled tasks like system backups or maintenance. Without this option, the tasks would be queued and executed as soon as the device came online, leading to potential traffic jams.
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Comodo Remote Control (CRC). You can now configure custom ports for remote connections and also have the option to use only a single port.
This adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to configure firewalls or proxies with custom ports for CRC to communicate over.

To set these ports in the ITSM interface:

  • Click ‘Configuration Templates → Profiles’
  • Open the profile which is applied to your target devices (or create a new profile)
  • Open the ‘Remote Control’ tab (click ‘Add Profile Section’ → ‘Remote Control’ if required
  • Start editing the ‘Protocol Options’
Just a quick warning - please make sure you do not assign well-known special ports. We recommend the following UDP port range for custom use: 49152–65535. Ports that will be applied are UDP ports only, please make sure your firewall configurations are compatible with the UDP settings. Windows devices - you can use WebRTC (mandatory) and Chromoting (optional) for remote connections.
  • If you only use WebRTC, you can have CRC communicate over a single port. You can set either:
    • The default port, (WinXP uses 1025-5000 range; Win7+ use 49152-65535 range)
    • A single port,
    • Specify a range of ports (minimum 1 port is needed)
  • If you use Chromoting, you need to select either:
    • The default port, or (49152-65535 range)
    • Specify a range of ports (minimum 4 ports are needed)
Mac devices - Chromoting is mandatory and only option. You can set:
  • The default port (49152-65535 range)
  • Specify a range of ports (minimum 4 ports are needed)
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Comodo Remote Control is now available for download through the C1 ‘Tools’ page. Go ahead and check it out!
  • Added a ‘Classification’ column to the local patch inventory structure on device details (Devices → Device List → Click on Device and Navigate to Device Details -->Patch Management). This useful addition allows customers to filter patches by categories of Microsoft software updates and thus prioritize patch deployments. You can find the wiki for this feature here.
  • SPM (Software Patch Management) P2P file sharing mechanism is designed to enable our agents consume less data by using caching mechanism in local network.
    The primary purpose of peer-to-peer networks is to share resources and help devices work collaboratively. The most common use case for peer-to-peer networks is for sharing files. Peer-to-peer networks are ideal for file-sharing because they allow the computers connected to them to receive files and send files simultaneously.
The new P2P caching mechanism means our agents consume less data by first checking files on devices in the local network before going to the patch portal. Since agents can also report any ongoing downloads to requests, this improvement also enables agents to save more bandwidth. P2P networks are the cheapest method of distributing content because they use the bandwidth of peers, not the bandwidth of the content’s creator.
  • In the future we will implement a "Device Group View" structure in the Global Patch Inventory. We are currently investigating this implementation.
  • With the improvements in our file rating system, we also updated the baselining settings for Containment. Now there is only “Stop Baseline and enable Auto-Containment after countdown” option is available under containment view that allows admins to set a countdown for allowing Containment module to learn and investigate the files in your environment before starting containing unknown files to prevent false positives.
You can find the wiki for this feature here

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from updating Skype via ITSM Patch Management. We also investigated and fixed issues for other applications distributed through the Windows 10 Application Store.
  • Fixed a bug whereby ping monitoring did not work properly if the LAN connection was disabled on the target side.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally led the process monitor to create false alarms.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented procedure execution logs from being collected from some endpoints.
  • Fixed an issue on the latest android agent which was causing some users to receive Antivirus DB State is 'Unknown' and the version is '10' error message.
  • Fixed an issue in device details view whereby processor information was not shown properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing wrong assignment of user and roles.
Comodo Client Security Improvements
  • We are working on stabilization and performance improvements for Comodo Client Security. These improvements will deliver more robust security while consuming fewer resources and providing an even smoother experience for end users. No new CCS version will be released on March 31.
Service Desk New Features
  • Rescheduling for tickets and appointments. We added the ability to reschedule an appointment to another time without deleting it.
  • Classification of manual time entries. We added the ability to differentiate manual time entry between the ticket assignee and other staff.
  • Ability to export all pages in a time log report. This will enable full visibility of the ticket actions from reports.
  • New ticket screens. Redesigned ticket screens will simplify your understanding of tickets and ticket actions.
  • Improved API for ticket threads. Tickets will now load even faster.
The time spent on replies and internal notes has been added to the thread section. This provides a unified thread where you can see the time spent on a reply or internal note.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug of constant refreshing of the pages for some accounts.
  • Fixed the bug of viewing tickets with closed status created from C1 Mobile.
  • Fixed the bug of asset name view after saving it.
  • Fixed the bug of incorrect time difference in time spent section
  • Fixed the bug of export result of contracts report.
  • Fixed the bug of view of prepaid hours on contract list.
  • Fixed the bug of material cost shown in the tickets report.

Comodo ONE - Release Notes April 2018.pdf (482 KB)

That’s good news! Does anybody know the optimum image sizes for the re-branding? It would be nice to have our images ready for the launch date :slight_smile:

Hello @lakecitywebs
From the post on the Preview Section subforum, access to the demo environment will be available by March 22. Simply sign up for a C1 account and play around with the whitelabeling features in there. We do recommend that you test your ‘rebranding’ there first so that you do not accidentally paint your C1 portal the wrong shade :wink:

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the info! So will my existing c1 account login work or do I need a seperate demo version account?

@lakecitywebs Your live C1 account is not present on the demo server. So you can safely use the same email address to sign up on the demo server as it is strictly for testing purposes only.

Hello @lakecitywebs

Here I exported the rebranding sections from the test environment for you. You can find the necessary image format and sizes and prepare them beforehand.


IT and Security Manager- rebranding .pdf (94.5 KB)

IT and Security Manager-rebranding CCS2.pdf (95.2 KB)

IT and Security Manager-rebranding CCS1.pdf (154 KB)

Thats awesome!!! Thank You very much, That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Hi cannot access the Demo?

@dittoit Hi James,

I am sorry to inform that unfortunately there are some issues on the demo environment for now. Our development team is planning to make it available late today/tomorrow earliest time possibe. I will make the announcement when the environment is ready.

Best Regards

C1 Portal
New Features

  • New design, new look and feel. We continue to improve our new design as we promised:
    • New announcement bar added to the login page and the dashboard. You can now see advanced notification of upcoming releases and outages before the release.
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Added a tour guide which uses video and text to explain quick actions and basic usage to new customers.
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Comodo Remote Control added as a downloadable app in the ‘Tools’ Menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Added Serbia to the ‘Country’ drop-down.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Dome Shield Data was not appearing in the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from making changes if they logged into the C1 portal using a mobile browser.
APPENDIX-1 New Client Versions:
  • Windows Client - Communication 6.17.11191.18031
  • Windows Remote Control 6.17.11325.18031
  • macOS Client - Communication 6.17.10831.18031
  • macOS Remote Control 6.17.11326.18031

Glad you’ve taken on-board my feedback about adding notifications of upcoming maintenance. Everything seems to be moving in a very positive direction.

With the customization, does this mean we can:

Change the dashboard URL from “” to our own?

Change the Service Desk URL from “https://<company>” to our own?


Unfortunately no, the white-label options coming with this new release are for endpoint agents. We have separate requests on the roadmap for URL customization as well. Support team will add you to the notification list for them.


Hello, @hdcmaine ,

Rebranding/customization will allow you to change the name, icon and logo of the Comodo Client Communication and Comodo Client Security agents which are installed to customer endpoints for now. URL customization is still in our roadmap.

Best Regards
Ahmet Enes

The system is down today. I cannot get logged in the screen just has a spinning loading circle. When will it be back online? I need to access it.

The Comodo one remote control also shows all of the systems as offline as well. It is nearly 10am EST so everything should have been back up hours ago.

It says maintenance should take 4 hours. Should be done soon

Hi @safetynetit ,

As advised by Blake over the phone, please try clearing the cache on your Chrome browser and share with us the results on the support ticket created for this concern. Thank you.

Sorry, the branding options are very good, but don’t go far enough. We still cannot have the icon enabled as we don’t want to show the support email as we force clients to use our portal for submitting tickets. Leaving the option blank puts in it’s place. WHY??? The options for “branding” is to allow us to choose what works for us, not just modify text. Why should we be forced to put items in fields that we don’t use?

Other notes:

  1. Client Name field is really limited to 16 characters or less because it wraps over the word About in the title bar. Depending on how long your company name is limits the amount of space for the Client Name. I feel the word “About” is unnecessary, but for ease of use, the dialog box is not adjustable, so just move it as close to the X as possible to give people space for their Company and Client Name fields.

  2. We should be able to enable/disable the Options selection from CCC. Why would we want to allow the client to enter proxy settings?!?! Or disable the tray icon?

  3. We should be able to enable/disable Submit Tickets selection from CCC. We cannot use SD for client tickets at this point as there is not efficient ticket billing options in SD. We don’t want clients entering tickets in a system we don’t use, but in our existing PSA.

Don’t get me wrong, absolutely great effort on ITSM customization, but it didn’t go far enough. At this point we still have to hide CCC on client devices.

Hello @netzbahn
Thank you for your keen observations with the rebranding options.

  1. Please visit this forum post for further discussion with the CCC rebranding.

  2. Please consult the following guide on how to hide the CCC icon in the ‘system tray’: UI settings explained in Profiles

  3. See linked guide above in #2.

We also created a couple of support tickets for the concerns/suggestions you have pointed out.

To everyone:
Please feel free to post your observations, opinions, and suggestions for the rebranding feature in CCC and CCS (as introduced in the April 2018 update) in the link below.
Rebranding feature in CCC and CCS (April 2018)