Comodo ONE - IT Operation Platform August Release (08/11/2018)

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE on Saturday (08/11/2018) morning. The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo One will be in maintenance mode.

IT and Security Manager

New Features

  • Android 8 and Android 8 (KNOX) support. You can now enroll and manage Android 8 devices through ITSM.
  • Simplified installation of Comodo Client Security. Admins can now trigger CCS installation with one-click in the device list.
  • Detect and clean additional items in full and custom scans. Suspicious services, auto-run entries and scheduled tasks have been added to full scans, and can be included in custom scans. This means unrecognized or malicious processes which were started as Windows services will be blocked. You can apply the following actions to such files:
    • Terminate: Shut-down the malicious/unrecognized service for this session.
    • Terminate and Disable: Shut-down and switch-off the service permanently. An admin will need to re-enable the service if so required.
    • Quarantine and Disable: Will terminate and disable as above, and place the file in Comodo Client Security quarantine.
    • Ignore: The detection will be logged but the file will be allowed to run normally. The new scan options can be found in ‘Profiles’ > ‘Antivirus’ > ‘Scans’.
You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.
  • Option to scan external devices immediately. All connected devices can be automatically scanned by CCS for potential threats. This includes external hard-drives, USB sticks, optical drives and more. This option is available in Profiles > Antivirus > Realtime Scan. Go ahead and check it!
  • Import Users from.csv file.New users can now be enrolled in bulk from .csv, saving time over manually creating each user.You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.
  • ‘Device summary' addition. 'Local time zone' added to device details, providing admins with the local time on the endpoint. Here is the wiki of that feature.
  • UI improvements. Pagination added to the device tree view in the device list and antivirus pages.
  • File Explorer beta enhancements. Further stability and performance improvements in File Explorer beta.
  • Crash dump collection for the communication client. Added a profile option to create a dump file if the communication agent crashes. This allows admins and the Comodo team to better detect and fix problems.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to boot devices when Knox is enabled in Android devices.
  • Fixed the issue of unexpected behavior for blocking applications for Android devices.
  • Fixed the issue of not loading device list in Security Sub-Systems >Containment section
Patch Management New Features
  • Operating system patch list. The list can be refreshed showing available updates in the inventory. Users can now update the OS patch inventory from a device whenever needed. You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.
  • Help videos added. Tutorial videos which explain patch actions are now available. Designed to help businesses quickly understand the power of our patch manager, topics include “How to create a custom patch procedure”, “How to check patch status and deploy them to devices”, and more. You could reach the wiki of this feature from here.
Remote Monitoring and Management New Features
  • Inventory of monitors. You can now manage all monitoring procedures from a single pane of glass. Monitors can be viewed, edited and assigned to profiles from the interface. Monitors are listed in the ‘My Monitors’ section in folders named after the profile with which they are associated. You could reach the wiki of this feature from Here.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of producing false alerts in process monitors for processes loaded via startup.
Comodo Remote Control Improvements
  • Login improvements. Remote Control now remembers your sign-in credentials for Comodo One and ITSM. This saves you time because you no longer need to remember full login details, even if you disable the ‘stay signed in’ option.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of Excel clipboard interception when Remote Control viewer is running.
  • Fixed the issue of high CPU consumption.
Comodo Client Security New Features
  • Detect and clean additional items in full and custom scan. Suspicious services, auto-run entries and scheduled tasks now be included in full scan by default, providing tighter security than ever. In addition, you can include this option any custom scan of yours. This setting is available under Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous >
    • CCS now also monitors registry records related to Windows services, auto-run entries and scheduled tasks. It will block the creation or modification of registry entries by unrecognized files and scripts.
    • In this way, unrecognized or malicious files which are started as Windows services will be blocked with specified option which can be:
      • Terminate: This option will only terminate the detected malicious/unrecognized service
      • Terminate and Disable: This option will terminate and then disable the service which needs user/admin action to be enabled again.
      • Quarantine and Disable: In addition to terminating and disabling the services, this option will quarantine.
    • Logs of monitoring and scanning autorun entries with details such as item type, location, modifier file path and action can be displayed in Logs > Autorun Events.
    • These settings are available in Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous section.
You can reach the wiki of this feature from here and here.
  • Option to scan external devices immediately. External hard-drives, USB sticks, optical drives etc are now automatically scanned for potential threats. Go ahead and check it in Antivirus > Realtime Scan.
  • Automatic update of ‘File List’. Files will be purged automatically if they no longer exist on the endpoints
  • Lower CPU and RAM consumption. We reduced resource usage by optimizing internal data processing routines.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of blocking incoming connections to the endpoint
  • Fixed the issue of not showing firewall notifications
  • The issue that caused on-going scans to be aborted is fixed
  • Fixed the issue of downloading Comodo Client Essentials and KillSwitch
Service Desk Improvements
  • UI tweaks. Pages in the admin panel and left-hand navigation are now responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Better synchronization. Ticket status changes are now communicated much more quickly between Service Desk and the Comodo One portal.
  • Overall performance improvements. General, back-end enhancements to accelerate reports and statistics.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue of wrong representation in last updated time information
  • Fixed issue of sending email problem while adding new user under organization.
Comodo ONE Portal Improvements

Performance improvements. The August release cycle saw our engineers concentrate on multiple back-end optimizations and improvements to increase system speed, reliability and performance:

  • Strategic database migrations mean system information is now more efficiently handled, leading to portal stability and speed improvements.
  • Pagination added to tables and audit logs.
  • Improvements and fixes to widgets. Corrected some behaviors relating to Dome shield and Service Desk ticket data.
  • Login process. Improvements to eliminate issues experienced by some users during registration and login.
  • Dome license renewal. Expired Dome licenses will now auto-renew by default to deliver better business continuity to our users.
Bug Fixes
  • Dashboard layout issue has been fixed
  • Spelling correction in Antivirus Report has been done.
  • C1 Admin Panel - Page is not refreshed after set bill as paid operation. Issue has been fixed.
APPENDIX-1 New Client Version
  • Windows Client – Communication 6.21.14137.18080
  • Windows Client - Security
  • Windows Remote Control 6.21.13959.18080
  • macOS Client 6.21.14191.18080
  • macOS Remote Control 6.21.13958.18080
  • Android Mobile Agent

Comodo One Release Notes - August 2018.pdf (862 KB)

More positive changes and thanks for implementing the sign on change for CRC.

Of course! Our pleasure @nct ! Thank you for your feedback!

Best Regards,

Product Manager, CRC

Agreed, very excited!

Hi, when are we going to have Remote Control for Linux? It was said it is to be released in 2018…

@bloom ,

Our product management team is aware of the requests made and is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this request and its projected timeline coming from our Development Team.

When does Comodo plan on releasing more reporting features for C1? I’d love to have a Patch Management Summary Report among some others.

Edit: I forgot to add this as it’s equally, if not more important. We need branded reports.

@rawtech from memory, I think reporting is due Q4 2018, but I’m sure someone from Comodo will confirm.

@rawtech ,

A little bit on Mid-Term (6 to 12 months) Timeline projection by Development. Though this might change from our Developer’s analysis and the results of their tests. We will keep you updated on its progress via support ticket for any news and updates about the feature functionality. About the branded reports, we’ll ask for an update about this request.

Yey… Finally Android 8 support! :smiley:

Hello @bloom ,

Per our Remote Control roadmap, Linux support is on Short Term timeline. In terms of dates, it may go a bit into early 2019 with the current roadmap plan and the implementation status (PoC is in progress) we have as of today.

I am sure the hot features which will be released earlier, will continue to excite you and all our partners on the upcoming releases!

Best Regards,

Product Manager, CRC

First of all congratulations for the updates, I created the account a short time in the service and I find it quite promising.

I’d like to ask you to tell the development team to try to put in the list of things to be developed, more complete reports, preferably exportable from:

  • Patch application
  • Use of resources by devices and by clients
  • S.m.a.r.t. error checking two discs

In addition, I think it might be interesting for Comodo to use its community for a possible administrative panel translation, as with opensource projects, I would be willing to spend a few hours helping translate the Comodo One into Brazilian Portuguese and surely people from all over the world would do the same.

we always listen to our users and deliver! Always.

There is no mention of an update to Comodo Client Communications in August, has this also been delayed?

@nct There will definitely be an update for the CCC in the August platform update. We will just have to wait for the final release notes. This post is in the Preview Section after all. :wink:

I just received the Android 9 update on my phone.
Android 8 came out a year ago. Will Comodo be behind a year for every Android update?
It’s not like you wait to release software till its bug free.

Not likely sice our Product Development Team had seen some early requests. We’ll make sure to inform you of their roadmap timeline for its support when it becomes available.

I was really hoping for a chat feature when connected to a clients computer. For me, this is only thing lacking from Comodo. Is that something that’s coming in the future? It really needs to be added.

Yes, @8bitmap I believe it is on the roadmap.

Hello @8bitmap ,

Your suggestion for a RMM Feature Request: improve the remote desktop to allow chat between the end user and the technician currently shows on the road-map with 3 to 6months planned implementation.
Please tell us if you want to be part of the loop so you`ll receive an email for any important update on the request.

Thank you for your patience.

@nct , thank you as well.