Console Performance

Ive been having lots of page timeouts on C1 today, mostly though the ITSM console. Are there any problems?

Hi, same problem here - procedures does not run or even display when searching, groups does not refresh when selected etc.

Same problem here, and I can no longer open the Device Management at all…

Hello @Joners , @ITB_T , @BOSS
As of this posting, the developers are rolling out some updates for the ITSM module. We ask for your patience while they complete their tasks.

Hi @Rick_C thanks for the quick response on that one! Any idea of an ETA?


No specific ETA were mentioned but based on the advisory given to us, they are already wrapping up things on the developer’s side. Access to ITSM should improve soon enough.

Great, I have no issues waiting, as long as I know I am waiting for something. Will this fix the issue with my procedures not running??

Nothing specific mentioned in the rolled out updates. Please do check on your side if you still have difficulties with running procedures.

Please could a system be put in place for MSPs to receive advanced notification of updates during the month/short term downtime between major monthly updates?

Hi all,

We have a plan to implement something like this in second half of the year.



and we have problems again - ‘Procedure service is not currently responding’ when trying to access the execution log for procedures
Procedures is not run on workstations - or not as far as I can determine.

Hello @ITB_T ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Finding ITSM console quite slow at the moment and a newly installed endpoint is not connecting on CCC.

This is definitely needed, but perhaps it should be on a password protected website for MSPs separate from the C1 and ITSM servers.

This is a side effect of procedures being run by the backend team. With the global availability of the C1 platform, it is inevitable that some MSPs will be affected when these backend procedures are performed at certain times of the day. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by these actions.

We did encounter some difficulty accessing the ITSM page on our side earlier. As of this posting, it is back to its responsive state.

Procedures still not running, any word on this yet??


We have requested for log files from any one of the affected devices in an email we sent on the 8th. We are waiting for these logs for backend team to analyse and resolve the issue.

We will be sending the required information through your email.

We appreciate your patience in bearing with us.

Thank you.

So am I the only one having these issues?? It takes a lot of time to get all these files to you guys all the time. I will get the logs to you when I get a chance, but it seems like everytime you all release an update, something breaks, and it takes forever to get the stuff straightened out. Here is an idea, test better, make sure that your updates are not going to break stuff??? Sorry if I am coming off a little angry, but this is really getting insane, everytime you change stuff, things break, and everytime, you want me to dig up these same logs. I just don’t have time to be doing this every month. It will be a while before I can get you the logs, I am very busy with life, working all the time, and now manually running all my procedures.

Hi @BOSS ,

We understand that this experience is challenging especially during the roll out periods.

Please understand that we do extensive testing prior to roll out; however using a laboratory controlled environment for testing is entirely different from actual live use. There could be multiple factors that affect an endpoint or even the tool itself.

Transparently, we do have a few affected partners receiving this issue and we have also asked them for similar information. The more data we receive, the easier it would be for our team to get an understanding of the issue.

We only need log data from one affected endpoint as we do understand that this is rather tedious and we would very much appreciate all your efforts.

Yes, I know, I was just venting, we also have a lot riding on your software. I will get the logs for you, but it I am really busy right now. Also, it is not just on a few endpoints, it is on all my endpoints, every single one. I will see about getting the logs by this weekend. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

On a side note, my ticket status widget is no longer pushing data, it clearly stops on the 10th, nothing for yesterday, I will see about tomorrow.